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Welcome to BetterDry

On May 5th 1961 astronaut Alan Shepard was on his way to becoming the second person to travel to space. However, there were a number of technical delays during the countdown sequence and after a while there was a very human need. Due to the short planned mission duration of only 45 minutes, this need had not been taken into account. No further delays were desirable so only one alternative remained. There were, however, a number of electrodes that caused some concern over potential short circuiting. Therefore, the astronaut requested the power to be turned off. After the power was off his capcom radioed him saying "Okay, Alan. Power's off. Go to it." And so the first American in space started his journey with wet pants.

Since then a number of things have changed and diapers have become standard equipment for astronauts. They are worn during takeoff and landing as well as during space walks. This also includes the lunar landings of the Apollo program. Despite Felix Baumgartner saying "Heroes don't wear diapers. It's just not cool." before his parachute jump from the edge of space in 2012 - they apparently do after all.

Here on earth an ever increasing number of people are affected by incontinence. This does not have to be related to age and many young people are affected as well. On our website we want to provide you with some information to help improve your quality of life. The difference with BetterDry is that our products are designed by people affected by incontinence for people affected by incontinence.

Therefore, our products are based on firsthand experience. We want to counter the trend towards cheaper incontinence supplies that are solely "optimized" under economical aspects. Our goal is not to offer you products that merely meet minimum requirements. We want to offer you really good products that we also use ourselves.

Whether you are affected yourself, are trying to improve the quality of life of a loved one or work for an institution - we are very happy that you found your way to us.